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Gavin Bruce Ferrier – CONSULTANT

Gavin B Ferrier

I have over thirty years of general management, real estate, and investigation experience and have worked throughout Southern Africa during this period in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. I have conducted and managed various successful businesses and projects on behalf of clients across the business spectrum. I understand the importance of relationships, and how to use my gifts and passion to positively influence those I have come into contact with.



I have held general management and senior management positions in various sectors of trade and industry, so I have the natural gifting and the skills to manage and lead others.

I have been in the relationship business, and network effectively in the business sphere as a result of the relationships I have developed. I maintain that without truth there is no trust, and without trust there is no Relationship.

My passion is to encourage and assist all to understand the importance of “Vision, Mission, and Purpose” in business and life, and the importance of relationships to achieve it.


INVESTIGATIVE SKILLS – MY motto is “The truth shall prevail”.

I have over twenty years investigation and assessment of claims experience, and investigated cases of arson, fraud, theft, robbery, burglary, property damage, accidents and other insurance and commercial matters.

I have always through my natural gifting and investigative skills been able to establish the truth. The difficult part is always getting others to acknowledge the truth and sometimes only experience gets you through as you counsel the other party into truth if required moving forward.

I also need to use my gifts and share my skills to help others in their career path.

I quote; “It’s not just about winning, it’s about achieving your purpose, with passion and integrity.”



I am a fifty-three year old South African active Christian family man who loves a challenge and enjoys helping others achieve their goals. I have been married to Cheryl Ann Ferrier for over 33 years, and we have two adult sons Shaun 30 & Neil 27 and a foster daughter Marcia of 28 with one grandchild and another due in April.

My Christian belief and Family are my passion, and purpose of life and I will not compromise this.

I do not consume alcohol, drugs, or smoke cigarettes etc so I have no habits that will distract me, from always doing everything with passion and integrity


“Ready to Serve”

Contact me: gavin@judah.za.org



We can do something about CRIME.


Be encouraged not to stand still and wait do something about it. You can make a difference by reporting crime.



“Share the TRUTH with us, it will set you FREE.”


We see more and more how employers are using employees to commit fraud as part of the company survival plan in these difficult times. We understand that if your employer instructs you to do something it is your duty as an employee to follow instruction, but if you know or feel what you are instructed to do is wrong, fraudulent, criminal or against your personal belief of truth, then refuse such instruction giving your explanation as to why you cannot carry out the instruction.

Should your supervisor, manager, director, or employer persist report this to his/her supervisor, but do not make yourself party to something that is wrong, fraudulent, criminal or against your personal belief of truth.

Sadly employees are committing fraud as instructed daily, because of the fear of losing their job. Unfortunately this fear can land them in “JAIL” as party too a crime being committed, and they would lose their job and life what they were trying to protect. Believe me it’s not worth it, do not make yourself party to any fraud or other crime being committed at your place of employment .

If you have already been party to fraud or another crime being committed, we encourage you today to come clean and report it, before it’s to late. It would be best to enter into a plea bargain now and save yourself, as the TRUTH SHALL PREVAIL and then it would be to late and you may not be granted any plea bargain.

Remember just by signing an insurance claim form, letter, report, or other document on behalf of your employer as instructed for something that is wrong, or fraudulent, you are now party to it. Remember if you just complete a claim form, letter, report or other document which you know is not true (false), you are party to this and could be charged for fraud when this fraud is established.

We encourage you today to share the truth with us, which will remain confidential and we will do the necessary with the information received to see that justice is served . If you know something in your company, place of employment, is not right and possibly fraud, or a crime has been committed please feel free to contact us.

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Remember by reading this you have been warned and trust that your conscience will encourage you to do the right thing. Do not be party to or commit crime its not worth it.


“Share the TRUTH with us, it will set you FREE.”


Article by: Gavin B Ferrier of Ferrier International.

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logo-innovationWe are now providing a service to the “Innovation Group – South Africa” as Loss Adjusters, Insurance Investigators and Assessing Service in South Africa within the Kwazulu-Natal region. We trust that our professional service will add Value to the “Innovation Group” and all their clients and partners throughout the world.

We believe in their “CULTURE” and agree with their “Code of Conduct” and values. Be encouraged to visit their website (HERE) and find out more about “Innovation Group” and may they be of service to you and your business needs.