Investigations & Assessment Consultants.

Risk assessment of Business operation, Financial, Property, and Assets.

Management of Claims, Investigations, and Assessment.

Management of claims, Investigation and assessment of claims, Fire, Cases of arson, Fraud, Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Property damage, Vehicle theft, Motor accidents and other insurance and commercial matters. Interview clients, victims, witnesses and suspects in accordance with the appropriate legislation and procedures. Evaluate, analyse and disseminate evidence, and other intelligence gathered. Work in partnership with authorities to prepare, submit and complete the report/case for legal proceedings.

Training, Counselling and Business development.

Train on risk, truth and other business related programs as required by clients. Work in partnership with other program agencies if required to achieve required results. Counsel those in need of guidance and those who feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of life. Spiritual guidance as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.


FIAC has the vision, passion, and perseverance in order to achieve goals and objects required by our clients.

We will establish the Truth as a result of investigation and counselling.

We understand the importance of profitability, and will assist in the development of a TEAM spirit within a company if required.



God we stand in awe of You, as we are blessed this day to serve You at FIAC as a beacon of Your glorious light.

God guide us as we go about our daily works, and help us be patient, understanding , humble , kind, loving, and joyful, but firm in whatever we do or say.

God help us work as a TEAM, so that we move forward as ONE for Your glory and purpose.

God forgive us should we stumble, and help us grow each day knowing that You, are with us each step of the way.

God may Your gift of discernment, and the understanding of truth, become clearer to us each day.

Father God almighty You know our needs, and that of FIAC, and we humbly ask that You provide these needs today.

Thank You God for all You do, and for being able to serve you this way.

We ask all of this in Jesus name.



Author: Gavin Bruce Ferrier – Ambassador of Jesus Christ

AOG - Eph 6- 11-18




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