We go beyond the call of our service and do what God wants us to do.

GOD has used us many times to help those in need and to share His word or message with those whom we are interviewing during our normal consultancy service.


We would like to share the story of Isabella.



David and Maryna have a little girl called Isabella who was born on 14th July 2007 and in one day had a level 4 brain haemorhage and a stroke, which has left her with a lame right side and impaired vision and other complications in medical terms there was not much hope for little Isabella to live beyond three months.

Isabella is now 13 months old and clearly a miracle although at times has been very stressful for the family, God has been their focus and strength supported by their family and the local church support group who have walked with them.

We had completed the claim interview and then Isabella became my focus and I asked the David and Maryna if I could hold her and pray for her and later for them as a family. I also shared a bit of my testimony with them.

They agreed and handed little Isabella to me. When I first held her in my arms I said a quite prayer for help. Isabella has impaired vision so you really have to connect with her and as I was praying quietly for her healing her little eyes focused on mine and there was this incredible moment that she smiled and spoke in her own way. Her little face was alive with joy and it felt like our spirits connect for that moment. Believe me God opened a window for us to connect in His presence and words cannot explain that awesome moment. I say moment because I truly can’t say how long it was. Time not being important as that moment was a life time experience for me.

I then held her seated on the table with her hands in mine continuing in communication with her and God and her grip was tight on her left hand and then she gave me a little squeeze on her right hand being her lame side again as her little way of saying I am okay. Once again I was overwhelmed and told her parents that Isabella will be fine, as God is in control and they must just focus on His strength.

I then prayed for them as a family with their other daughter Catherine who is four and a half. GOD continued to communicate through me and as I was leaving He told me to tell Maryna that “He knows she has questioned why He had not given her a little boy and instead given her Isabella. He said that Maryna would never have coped with a boy as she has the experience in raising a girl and that has helped her cope with Isabella”. (Please note this is my interpretation of the message from GOD the message was clear to Maryna)

I then left the family very tearful and emotional and while traveling home Maryna called to say that she just wanted me to know that “God had answered her prayers tonight and she was now at peace and knows that Isabella is in God’s hands and she is a little miracle and living testimony of His glory”. Amen.


Gavin Ferrier – 29th August 2008 (18h30 to 19h30)


Please prayer for Isabella as the miracle of life continues daily by the grace of GOD.



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