RCFL Program’s Fiscal Year 2007 Annual Report

Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory-?

rcfl2007.jpg-? Regional Computer Forensics Laboratory or RCFL’s are a network of digital forensics labs sponsored by the FBI and staffed by local, state, and federal law enforcement personnel. These labs are available—free of charge—to 4,750 law enforcement agencies across 17 states.-?

Yes, RCFLs perform digital forensic exams in cyber crime cases, but they contribute to so many more kinds of investigations: terrorism, espionage, public corruption, civil rights, organized crime, white-collar crime, and violent crime. These days, computers and other technological devices are such a part of daily life that you’d be hard-pressed to find any type of criminal or terrorist who doesn’t use one. And when they do, RCFL examiners are there to extract and enhance information from these devices that may serve as evidence at trial.

You can read all about the accomplishments of these 14 labs—collectively and individually—in the RCFL Program’s Fiscal Year 2007 Annual Report

Ferrier International would like to thank the FBI, and all the other Law Enforcement Agencies World Wide for all the hard work done to curb Crime. Please get your copy of-?-?the report today and share it with others, as we spread the word on a Good Job Done. Well done to the RFL’S and we trust that they will be an encouragement to those other Law Enforcement Agencies Internationally.