Investigations & Assessment Consultants.

Risk assessment of the Business operation, Financial, Property, and Assets.

Management of Claims, Investigations, and Assessment.

Management of claims, Investigation and assessment of claims, Fire, Cases of arson, Fraud, Theft, Robbery, Burglary, Property damage, Vehicle theft, Motor accidents, and other insurance and commercial matters. Interview clients, victims, witnesses, and suspects in accordance with the appropriate legislation and procedures. Evaluate, analyse and disseminate evidence, and other intelligence gathered. Work in partnership with authorities to prepare, submit and complete the report/case for legal proceedings.

Claims Preparation Service

Having over 30 years of insurance claims investigation and assessment experience Gavin Bruce Ferrier is very qualified in successful claims preparation.

Sadly thousands of insurance claims submitted daily are not prepared correctly and are either rejected or paid out never placing the insured in the position they were in prior to the loss.

It’s virtually important to understand your policy schedule and wording relating to your cover so that when a loss occurs you submit a claim to cover your loss correctly.

FIAC can assist you with claims preparation so that when you submit your claim to brokers and insurers you will be settled according to cover in place. We will also recommend areas of concern moving forwards for you to discuss with brokers or insurers moving forward.

Contact FIAC today and let us prepare your claim successfully. 

Email: and let us get your insurance claim successfully prepared.


Training, Counselling, and Business Development.

Train on risk, truth, and other business-related programs as required by clients. Work in partnership with other program agencies if required to achieve the required results. Counsel those in need of guidance and those who feel overwhelmed by the circumstances of life. Spiritual guidance as an ambassador of Jesus Christ.


We have years of experience serving GARAGESURE, AIG, and FRONTLINE, and others across KwaZulu-Natal and South Africa.