Blessings my friends, and I trust that you have had a blessed week. Friends each day we share in this world is a miracle and blessing of another day by GOD.

Welcome to COOL Cyber Church – COOL Ministries International and if you are visiting us for the first time, be encouraged to visit us often, and you are welcome to subscribe (See top right side column), as we share “HOLY SPIRIT” inspired and anointed messages for you to share as our GOD has an awesome presence in the Cyber space we all share.

Friends let us worship and sing in praise of GOD and our Lord of all Jesus Christ who died for us that we maybe saved to share eternity with HIM in heaven, where JESUS is seated on the right side of our GOD, who sits on the only “HOLY THRONE” as we are promised by “HIS WORD” we share this day and evermore by HIS grace and mercy.

Friends what Faith can do……………….

The COOL Cyber Church “HOLY SPIRIT” inspired and anointed message we share this week is about “GOD & you”

GOD IS ALMIGHTY CREATOR OF HEAVEN AND EARTH WE SHARE. Friends we need to stand in “AWE OF GOD” as its not about us its about GOD.

“GOD & you” is something only you can talk about, let me rather share about GOD and me, and the FREEDOM we share.

I believe in GOD as the only GOD of all heaven and earth.

I believe that GOD is the creator of all the universe including you and I.

I believe in the ARMOR of GOD as my protector through HIS mercy and grace.

I believe in JESUS CHRIST as our LORD and saviour, who came as GOD in the flesh and died on the CROSS, so that we who believe in JESUS CHRIST shall be saved and have eternal life in heaven with GOD who sits on the THRONE.

I believe in the HOLY SPIRIT being our guide, and being “ONE” with JESUS Christ and GOD.

I believe in the living “WORD” (Bible) of GOD through which I am guided by the HOLY SPIRIT, and through HIM gain understanding of HIS WORD.

I believe that I am appointed by GOD (John 15:16) to share HIS WORD with you.

I believe that although GOD blessed us free will, its wiser to remain in GOD’s WILL as guided by the HOLY SPIRIT, as our freedom causes us to stumble unnecessary.

I believe in a prayer answering GOD, of mercy and grace.

I believe in the HEALING powers of GOD.

I believe that all is possible through GOD depending on my level of FAITH.

Friends this idea of you being super human without GOD is short lived, although you may seem to have it together now, a time will come when only through GOD will you overcome.

Be encouraged to get right with GOD now before its to late, as you will have to face GOD one day.

I encourage you to read the WORD (Bible) John 14: 6-7 & 9-21 & 23-31 & 15: 1-27 & 16: 1-16 if you do not agree with me and allow the HOLY SPIRIT to guide you through HIS WORD with understanding.

“LORD I ask that you guide those who repent today and believe in YOU and GOD as ONE with the HOLY SPIRIT. LORD lead us as we believe in YOU, guide us in TRUTH with mercy and grace as we share with others. In JESUS name I pray”. Amen

Friends live a HOLY SPIRIT FILLED LIFE and you will overcome all things in the natural, as GOD moving in the SPIRIT all the time.

Blessings my Christ Our Only Lord friends and may you be guided in the WILL of GOD moving from this day forward.

GOD Bless You.

Gavin B Ferrier

COOL Cyber Church – COOL Ministries International

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Mr. Gavin Bruce Ferrier Dip. Prod, CEA, GA, CIPS, TRC, is the founder of FIAC, with over thirty years of general management and investigation experience and has worked throughout Southern Africa during this period in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. I have conducted and managed various successful businesses and projects on behalf of clients across the business spectrum. I understand the importance of relationships, and how to use my gifts and passion to positively influence those I have come into contact with.

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