Isaiah 10: 27
“…in that day their burdens will be lifted; the yoke will be broken…”

Dear reader, it is the will of God for us to live free from all bondages and strongholds formed in our lives. Events, words, perceptions, incidents. All of these led us to believe certain things about ourselves and our lives that are not always rooted in the truth.


We carry these things around with us every day and then struggle to understand why we feel depressed, sad, deeply angered, bitter and even suicidal.

Believer in God, as His children we were not meant to live enslaved to bondages and strongholds in our lives! We were designed to reign, to be free and to live victoriously and abundantly!!! God wants to give us the fullness of Himself!

The Spirit of God is available to every believer to break the yokes and the strong-holds! Our responsibility to receive this is to make a choice to stay in constant communication with God and to choose to surrender to Him daily; allowing Him to show us the way to freedom, liberty, healing and deliverance!

A lot of Christians rely on their own strength and abilities to overcome bondages and strongholds.

(Unfortunately without the Creator of your soul, dear friend, your attempts to “fix yourself” without God will fail, because YOUR SOUL WAS DESIGNED BY HIM. Only He knows how to “fix” you!)

I want to encourage you, dear believer, to turn to God with all those things that are holding you back in life. Draw near to Him. Ask Him to remove it all from your life. He will take you on a journey and place you in a process that will leave you breathless, free and alive!


“Heavenly Father, Your Spirit can break any yoke, stronghold or bondage in our lives. You are our Creator. You know the amount of hairs on our heads! You are intimately familiar with where we are in life and You know the exact process to take us through in order for us to reach a place of freedom and liberty. Lord, do a work in us from as today. We take this word personally this morning. Free us from the past. Rid us of all things evil and negative. Liberate us from lies that we believe about ourselves. We ask this in the might name of Jesus Christ! Amen.”

Petro Mcleod
Spiritual Advisor

Blessings Petro and thank you once again for sharing this teaching with us. Be blessed COOL friends as we share the TRUTH with all.


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Cyber Church – COOL Ministries International

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