We encourage you to report crime as it is important that correct Crime statistics are recorded, and that criminals are caught and sentenced for a prison term fitting the crime committed.

The Police resources are determined by the crime statistics of an area so by not reporting crime you are limiting the resources and number of Police personnel allocated to your local Police station.

If crimes are not reported the Police will not be in a position to assist and criminals walk free.

Please assist the Police by keeping your property gates and doors locked and don’t leave valuables laying around in garden as this will encourage criminals onto your property.

Be wise report crime and assist the Police reduce Crime.

FERRIER INTERNATIONAL encourages all to report crime. We can overcome all things if we work together.


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About FIAC

Mr. Gavin Bruce Ferrier Dip. Prod, CEA, GA, CIPS, TRC, is the founder of FIAC, with over thirty years of general management and investigation experience and has worked throughout Southern Africa during this period in the Commercial and Industrial sectors. I have conducted and managed various successful businesses and projects on behalf of clients across the business spectrum. I understand the importance of relationships, and how to use my gifts and passion to positively influence those I have come into contact with.

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