The “WORD OF GOD” is victorious.

Blessings friends and members of COOL Ministries International and COOL Cyber Church. The “WORD OF GOD” is victorious. Be encouraged to read the “WORD OF GOD” daily and get to know GOD as HE directs your path.

Luke 4: 4 “…Jesus answered: It is written…”


Dear reader, the Word of God was given to mankind so that mankind might know God, God’s plans with them and also the purpose as to their existence. More so, the Word of God was given as a manual to mankind, to provide guidance with decision-making, moral questions, dealing effectively with problems, overcoming satan/demonic forces and growing in Christ-like authority and character.

Without the Word of God, the believer is like a soldier without a sword on the battlefield, my friend.

Being the hands of GOD

Defenseless, hopeless, vulnerable and exposed! How can a soldier defend himself without a sword?

How can a soldier defeat his enemy without wearing a sword? The Word of God is the greatest authority of God in the universe. It is not a book with written pages. It is divinely inspired. It was written by the Holy Spirit. Grasp that and realize that the Word of God will bring you great delight and blessing as you decide to read it, meditate it and place it next to your side daily, as a soldier will do with a sword.

My friend, the Word of God is your protection in this day. The Word of God is the lamp unto your feet and the light unto your path. Do not leave it on the shelf to gather dust. Pick it up and start reading and reflecting on what God is trying to say to you through its pages. Jesus Christ defeated satan by merely quoting the Word of God. It was a truth-encounter – not a power-encounter…

Make a decision today to take God’s Word as the ultimate truth and to start declaring it over your life, your future, your emotions, your friends and family… Declare it with faith! Truly the Word of God is a sharp, double-edged sword – no one can stand against it!!!!

AOG - Eph 6- 11-18


“Heavenly Father, we choose today to make more time to read Your Word and to reflect upon it. We realize today that Your Word was given so that we might grow in faith, love and holiness. We recognize our inability to exercise the necessary amount of self-control to diligently study it. This leaves us vulnerable and exposed to life’s challenges and attacks from the enemy of our souls. Forgive us and renew a passion in our hearts for Your Word. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

We thank Petro Mcleod for this special message we have shared today with you.

Blessings COOL friends have a blessed week.


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Minstries International – COOL Cyber Church

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