Psalm 22: 5
“…in You they trusted and were not disappointed…”

Trust in the Lord

Dear believer, although you might find yourself in a season of total disarray, chaos and confusion, I feel led to encourage you to trust God! The circumstances of our lives can sometimes leave us discouraged and disillusioned. However, we need to make a choice to trust God – no matter what we are faced with or what our own human understanding perceives.

God wants us to learn to lean on Him whole-heartedly. When we trust in God with all of our hearts and lean on Him, we will not be disappointed. God rewards faith. Faith pleases God. Without faith it is impossible to please God. Listen closely, dear friend.

Trusting God is an absolute necessity. We can trust others and ourselves, but eventually we learn that not only do we disappoint ourselves, but even those closest to us disappoint us.

God does not disappoint those who trust in Him with all of their hearts. He hears their cries and their prayers. He sees the purity of the cry in their hearts and He is moved. He answers.

Believer, take your eyes off from your situation and place them on God with an unyielding faith. God will give you the breakthrough you need. God will provide. God is your Healer.

God is the Beginning and the End. God is faithful and loving! Trust Him today!


“Heavenly Father, You are worthy of our trust. Your reputation is above reproach and Your character is sinless and holy. How can we doubt You? How can we doubt Your love for us? We choose to trust You with every facet of our lives today. In Jesus’ name we pray this. Amen.”

Petro Mcleod
Spiritual Advisor

Blessings my COOL friend Petro bless you for sharing. May the LORD guide, protect, and provide for your needs COOL friends. Have a blessed week.


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

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