What Would Jesus Do?


Matthew 16: 24

“…If anyone would come after Me, he must deny himself and take up his cross and follow Me…” – Jesus.


Dear reader, being a follower of Jesus Christ is not as simple as merely testifying to the fact that you are a believer or a Christian. Following Jesus means denying self and selfish desires, crucifying them and taking up the desires of Christ.

A lof of Christians do not realize the immense responsibility and also priviledge they have in walking after the Master on a daily basis. A lot of the problems we face on this planet would have been solved if Christians would have only paused for one second and asked this pivotal question: ‘What would Jesus do?’

Some would say that the asking of such a question would not be realistic if we look at the world we live in today. Others would emphasize that the question poses a problem due to the fact that the answer could be subjective to the perception of the one asking the question. Be that as it may, Christians are instructed in the Word of God to imitate Christ. (Refer: Ephesians 5: 1 + 1 Corinthians 11: 1)

To ‘imitate’ means: To use or follow as a model; to copy the actions, mannerisms, appearance and speech of; to copy exactly; to reproduce; to appear like and to resemble. This many sound like a tall order to you this morning, dear friend, but this is what the Word of God says we ought to do if we claim we want to follow Jesus. The lukewarmness in the Body of Christ today is a concern. As the Body of Christ we must take up our rightful place of representing our Lord and our Saviour, Jesus Christ. The world needs to see Him through our actions, our words and our lifestyles…

May you be challenged today to lay down your selfishness and pride. May you be convicted by the Spirit of God to ask this question to yourself today, before taking any course of action. The true test of a follower (versus a fan) is that of obedience – despite the cost! May we prove to be true disciples of the One who died for us!



“Lord Jesus Christ, we want to truly follow You. We know that following You means suffering with You, but we also know that it means sharing in Your glory and in Your divine nature! Today we choose to test our actions, our words, our decisions and our mannerisms by asking the question: ‘What would Jesus do?’ first and foremost. Give us the strength through Your Holy Spirit to live in obedience – as true disciples. Amen.”

Petro Mcleod
Spiritual Advisor

Bless you for sharing my COOL friend Petro.


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Ministries International – COOL Cyber Church

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