CityHill Church begins ………….

The NEW SEASON begins at 09h00 Sunday 6th March 2011 at CityHill Church.

Friends it is awesome to be part of God’s vision for our City (Ethekwini Metro), greater Durban area of Kwazulu-Natal, South Africa.

During my special time with GOD this morning Saturday 5th March 2011, while thinking of tomorrow Sunday 6th March 2011, He showed me these.

Joel 3:18 “And it will come to pass in that day That the mountain shall drip with new wine, The hills shall flow with milk, And all the brooks of Judah shall be flooded with water; A (a) fountain shall flow from the house of the Lord And water the Valley of Acacias (Heb. Shittim)”.

(a) Ezekiel 47:1 “Then He brought me back to the door of the temple (Lit. house); and there was (a) water, flowing from under the threshold of the temple toward the east, for the front of the temple faced east; the water flowing from under the right side of the temple, south of the altar.”

(a) Joel 3:18 “water” – This is as quoted in NKJV.

Awesome message of “NEW WINE” and “HEALING WATER” flowing east from the House of the LORD. WOW! CityHill Church is the “NEW WINE” and “HEALING WATER” that will flow EAST. Our City (Durban – Ethekwini) facing east will be healed as we go out with this “Healing Water” flowing from our HOUSE. It is time to go into the CITY and heal it with the blessings of “HEALING WATER” that will bring NEW LIFE and HOPE into our CITY. (CityHill Church)

Chosen to serve …………

I have been part of GOD’s plan for the CITY since birth 1957 growing up as a Christian living in the Durban beach front area and later in various areas of the City until moving from the inner City (Montclair) in 1997 and first being part of HCF in the (Shed) and being part of the prayer warriors from then until 2003, when I went out into the CITY sharing “Triple T” (Truth, Trust, Thanks) with all. During that season walking the streets I was involved with ONE CUP and other City programs and assisted the locals of Albert Park plant a Church at the old Tropicale Restaurant building. We lead it for seven weeks and handed it over to the local leadership with a membership of 40 adults and 35 children at the time. During that time will praying, GOD shared a vision of a “Large White Tent” placed over the area and people from all nations attending. During 2008/9 there was major ethnic fighting and locals wanted foreigner’s out of South Africa so this area became a battle ground and between that and vandalism the building was destroyed and being City council owned was demolished. Today there is a “Large White Tent” of that area used by the Ethekwini City Church. Now I share “Christ Our Only Lord” with the World.

“The vision’s shared by GOD are real and will come to pass”.

CityHill Church

I do believe the fact the we moved into Rock road in 2010 and started attending then Waterfall Community Church lead by Errol & Barbara at the time was all part of God’s plan to bring us HOME to be part of this NEW WINE season of CityHill Church and share the vision with you.

During the building of the “HOUSE OF THE LORD” where we all meet tomorrow (CityHill Church) many prayers of hope where buried under the stage area, and I trust that over these Seven years most have been answered. AMEN.

Peter & Karen, Bless you for standing “STEADFAST” on your believe that all what GOD shared with you over the past years will come to pass, and this is just the beginning of the NEW SEASON of CityHill Church.

Blessings to the CityHill leadership TEAM, and see you all tomorrow.


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Ministries International

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