CRIME helps the motor vehicle industry in South Africa.

CRIME helps the motor vehicle industry in South Africa.

We have established that on average 2000 vehicles (Passenger & Commercial) are been reported stolen or hi-jacked and stolen in South Africa per month. In June 2008 it was over 2200 vehicles reported stolen to SAPS in South Africa.

We estimate the average value of a vehicle stolen is R100 000, which could be as high as R150 000. This amounts to a total value of +/- 200 million Rand in vehicles been reported stolen in South Africa per month.

If fifty percent are recovered by SAPS and others, we are still losing on average a 1000 vehicles per month at a conservative cost of one hundred million Rand been lost to CRIME per month.

We are conservatively losing about 3.3 million Rand per day or 138 thousand Rand per hour in stolen vehicles.

CRIME is keeping the motor vehicle industry in business in South Africa, not the growth in economy.

We need to do something about this as the only the owners and insurers of vehicles are losing daily. The South African Government collects the VAT and TAX, the vehicle manufactures, imports, retailers and financial lending institutions all benefit from replacing this stolen vehicles.

Unfortunately nothing has changed in the past twenty years to reduce these high volumes of vehicle theft and loss experenced by victims CRIME.

Those who are buying these cheaper stolen vehicles are the to blame and need to be stopped.

Beware and alert with FERRIER INTERNATIONAL as we keep you informed.



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