Today we share our City Youth Church Sunday Service online and encourage you during these very difficult times we face caused by CORONAVIRUS COVID-19 to focus on the importance of this day of worship and praising GOD.

Trust you are all comfortable in your own home (Scroll down to end for message video)

Let us PRAY…

Let us turn to the WORD and share this time in the presence of GOD.

“Lazy hands make for poverty, but diligent hands bring wealth.” Proverbs 10: 4 NIV


Let Us Pray

“GOD we come before you today with hearts of concern and sadness because of the WORLD CRISIS we face caused by CORONAVIRUS that has captured the world and millions are sick and thousands have died because of COVID- 19. Please, GOD, hear our cry for help to HEAL our world of this virus and all its people that are ill because of this. In Jesus mighty name we ask this.” Amen

Let Us Worship (Click below)


Friends great to be with you again this Sunday in your homes sharing this message titled “JUMPSTART” with you.

Yes, the world is in CRISIS due to the coronavirus pandemic and only GOD can GUIDE us out of the mess we have created for ourselves.

Friends with GOD all is possible if you BELIEVE and TRUST our GOD.

Let us pray.

“LORD please guide and protect me, and provide for all my needs. Help me grow in character as a child of GOD, so that I too will be pleasing to our FATHER. LORD please also help me share the love and live with others being strong in FAITH by the grace of GOD.” Amen.

Friends let us prepare for the NEW WORLD been created for us upon which GOD’S glory will shine. Amen


I trust this message of SHARING THE GOSPEL has encouraged you to continue TRUSTING GOD and let us continue sharing the GOSPEL with ALL.

We TRUST this CORONAVIRUS pandemic will soon PASS and we will start a SEASON that is BLESSED by the GRACE of GOD to live in PEACE and LOVE sharing the GOSPEL with others.

“Father, we give you thanks for this day and ask that you HEAL the WORLD of CORONAVIRUS that is claiming thousands of lives daily. Please help us, dear GOD, overcome this season and heal our WORLD of this virus. In JESUS mighty name we ask this.” Amen

Thank you for your support and blessings into u21church t/a City Youth Church and COOL Kids.

If you have been blessed by this message would like to support City Youth Church please follow the attached link to eft funds to City Youth Church bank account.


Thank you for being a blessing.


Be encouraged to share the message of LOVE with all.

COOL with us




Pastor Gavin

City Youth Church

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