Blessings COOL friends help is needed………….

Dear Friend,

I hope your year is starting off well. I hope you don’t mind my asking you to keep my wife and I in your prayers in February. We are leaving for West Bengal India on Feb 8, for a 10 day mission trip. During this time we will be preaching at a crusade, teaching pastors, and speaking to the graduating class of a Christian school there.

This area of India is a rural area with villages of between 5,000-10,000 people scattered throughout. These people are among the poorest people in the world. We are currently working with over 82 pastors in this area from as many villages.

Aside from the knowledge of Jesus Christ, one of the greatest needs in these villages is the very basic need for clean drinking water. Many of these villages do not have wells. In the villages that do have wells, many of them were dug incorrectly and are tainted with water that causes the people to be constantly sick. In the villages that do not have wells, the people are literally drinking water from streams and lagoons that are infested with disease. They get water from wherever they can get it, but many times this is water that is also shared with animals, sanitation runoff, and such.

While we are there, I am hoping to contract the installation of some water wells in the worst case villages. These cost about 1,000.00 per well to have installed. They are dug 350 Ft deep to give the people clean drinkable water.

Please forgive me for asking this, but is there any way possible that you could partner with us in this humanitarian effort to provide clean drinking water for our Christian brothers and sisters in India. I cannot tell you how important this need is. Imagine these sweet people having to walk for miles every day to get water that is only going to make their families sick.

If you can only give only 1 dollar towards this, I would greatly appreciate it. Every dollar counts and will help immensely. However, if it is possible for you to give a gift of $25, $50, $100 or even more, please give it as unto the Lord. A collective offering from your church would be an amazing blessing if that is possible.

Natalie and I are paying our own way on this trip and even supporting this offering for the wells ourselves as well as purchasing some goats while we are there for some of the poorest families. Oh, that is another need. Some of these Christian families have no possible means of income. If given a goat, they are able to sell the milk and cheese to their neighbors. One goat can provide substance for a family of 4 people. These goats cost 100 apiece. We would like to be able to purchase at least 10 goats while we are there and distribute them to the poorest families.

If you would like to sponsor the purchase of a goat or even partner with someone else to do this, please do what you can.

I will give you a link below that you can follow to make a contribution to this online. Any gift you give is tax deductable and you will receive a contribution receipt that you can use as a deduction on your taxes. Your gift will go through PreachIt Ministries in order to facilitate that tax deduction.
Again, any gift at all would go extremely far to help these sweet men, women and children, who are not able to help themselves. 100% of your gift will go directly to meet this tremendous need.

Should you be able to support this desperate need, I will send you pictures of the wells we are able to have dug and the goats that are given as soon as we return home.

I would count it as a personal favor if you could please do what you can!

Here is where you go to donate

Rev. James Smith



Blessings COOL friends, and thank you Rev. James Smith for sharing with us.

Be a blessing COOL friends and let us help here, as our COOL friends need help.

Gavin Bruce Ferrier

ONE Purpose Ministry – COOL Ministries International

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