Ephesians 4: 27
“…and do not give the devil a foothold…”


Dear believer, whatever you allow to affect you, will affect you. This may sound like a clich+? statement, but it is the truth. Whatever you open a door to in our life, will let something in. That ‘something’ may be either a good or a bad thing. Many Christians deal with all sorts of problems and then ask the question: “Why God?” It is vital that we remember the power we have as human beings, as well as the responsibility we have to filter information and or people in our lives as to protect us from anything that might harm us, damage us or give Satan a hold on us.

Sin gives Satan a legal “foot in the door” to torment us.

Unforgiveness and anger also allows the enemy of our souls to afflict us. There are many examples of ‘doors’ that we as believers must be watchful and alert to keep closed and locked at all times. The reassurance though is that we are in control of this to a certain degree. We open the door or we close the door. We need to exercise discernment when we examine the different areas in our lives and the various ‘doors’ of entry we have open to all sorts/kinds of people, behaviours and activities.

Believer, exercise caution. Do not allow the enemy of your soul entry into your emotions, thoughts or actions. Resist him and keep the door closed. Set firm borders around your heart and your life.

Learn to protect yourself and ground yourself in the Word of God. Be doers of the Word – this is mandatory for safety and security in this life. Be prayerful and ask the Holy Spirit to reveal any areas in your life to you that needs to be dealt with and sealed shut. It is time for us as believers to stop allowing the enemy to intimidate us. It is time to slam the door shut in this face!!

Lord is my rock


“Heavenly Father, we realize today that we neglect to be alert and watchful. It is our responsibility as believers to keep a close watch on our walk and ensure that we are living our lives surrendered to You and in obedience to Your Word. Please give us a keen discernment to pick up where the enemy might be trying to get a foothold in our lives. Also reveal to us where he has already gained entrance and help us to withstand him in Jesus’ Name. Amen.”

Petro Mcleod
Spiritual Advisor

AMEN!! Bless you my friend Petro for sharing this message with us. COOL friends be blessed and beware what you open yourself to, as wolves come wearing sheeps clothing.



Have a blessed week and beware!! COOL with us.

God Bless


Gavin B Ferrier

COOL Ministries International – COOL Cyber Church

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