Psalm 18: 29b “…with my God I can scale a wall…”


Dear believer, a lot of Christians limit themselves as they consider and contemplate their inherent abilities and skills. Although our genetics play a considerable role in what we can or cannot do, the Word of God states that our effectiveness, strength and abilities are also reliant upon the amount of faith we have in God.

You see, dear believer, what seems impossible to man is possible with God. But it is man’s responsibility to seek God and access His power and truth by faith. God gives us wisdom and abilities. The Holy Spirit is not limited by our genetic makeup or inherent personalities! The Word of God contains multiple examples of how men and women were transformed and changed into almost completely different people after the Holy Spirit had come upon them. (E.g. Gideon in Judges 6; Samson in Judges 14 and Paul in Acts 9.)

The Holy Spirit is the personified presence of almighty God within every child of God! He gives us the power and wisdom and abilities that we need to persevere, endure and overcome! No obstacle should intimidate us as children of God, because we have all been filled with the Holy Spirit! We should run on, press forward, relying on the strength of the Holy Spirit…

Is anything too hard for God? Truly, with God’s help we can be victorious in battle and overcome all our challenges!

Praise His almighty name!


“Holy Spirit, make us aware of Your presence within each of us as children of God this morning. Help us to realize that we need to surrender to Your working in our lives and that You can give us what we need to overcome any obstacle in our lives that we might be facing at the moment. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Petro Mcleod
Spiritual Advisor

Blessings my COOL friend Petro, thank you for sharing this message with us. COOL with us always.

GOD Bless


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Ministries International – COOL Cyber Church

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