Isaiah 40: 29 “…He gives strength to the weary…”

Dear friends, do you feel tired, burned-out, fed-up and spent? Trust me! You are not alone! Many Christians suffer from the same emotions and symptoms this morning. Despite having to keep up the gruelling pace of routine between work-life and home-life, many are pressed down with numerous emotional burdens and stressors.

Soar like an Eagle

What is the answer to this condition? What is the antidote? I believe the answer lies in Isaiah 40: 29 – 31. Hoping and waiting on the Lord produces peace. This peace is not the same as the world gives. It is ‘shalom’ and it means complete wholeness, rest, harmony and contentment. This ‘shalom’ in turn produces new strength, energy and life within our bodies and souls.

You see, dear reader, if we truly believe in God and in the fact that He sent His only begotten Son to die on our behalf on the cross so that we might be saved, then we also must realize and believe in the immense love that God has towards us… A love that not only saves, but also strengthens us when we need it most.

Turn to the Lord this morning with your weariness. Ask Him to touch you by His Spirit and to renew your strength. He surely will do this! God wants you to soar above the tides of life. God wants you to be settled in your faith – to such a degree that nothing can shake you. This can only be possible if and when you truly surrender your life to God!

“Father God, we realize that You love us more than we could ever understand or comprehend. Today we choose to come into Your presence and ask You for new strength. Lord, we need Your touch in this day. Uphold us by Your Holy Spirit – who is our Comforter. Give us the peace (shalom) we need to be sustained in this day. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Blessings my COOL friend Petro Mcleod for sharing this message with us. Friends draw your needs, strength and guidance from GOD through Christ our only Lord. we have a promise of hope, love, and everlasting life through Christ so practice now how to live a Life of purpose and truth.

Have a blessed day. COOL with us.


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Ministries International – COOL Cyber Church

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