Psalm 107: 29
“He stilled the storm to a whisper; the waves of the sea were hushed.”


peace be still

Dear friends, our God has authority over all things. God is sovereign, almighty and all-powerful. Nothing is too hard for Him. All things are under His feet! The whole of creation bows before Him. When His presence enters, a deep and solemn quiet dawns.

When He speaks one word He changes the naural order of all things. Let’s face it. Our God reigns! As He can do in nature, so He can do for us and within us as believers. The presence of God is one that confronts the storm and subdues it. Many of us are struggling at the ores of life, rowing through a storm with the winds and the tides against us. We must turn to God in our hour of need. We must reach for God’s presence with all our might and with all our hearts. His presence brings the victory we desire!

God also longs to heal the storms in our hearts. He longs to whisper healing and deliverance into the souls of the captive, the hurt, the broken and the fearful. God’s whole heart is turned towards you, dear friend. Turn yours to Him this morning. Allow His presence to speak into your soul and situation. Give Him the opportunity to calm the storm and to hush the waves!!


“Heavenly Father, You are almighty and sovereign. We turn to You this morning – giving You all of our lives. You know of our storms and our challenges. You are aware of the waves and the winds that are against us. We pray for Your presence to dawn upon our situations. Bring the peace and the quiet back into our lives. We need You also, through Your Holy Spirit, to work out the storms within us. Bring us to a place of total peace and rest in You. We ask this in Jesus’ name. Amen.”

Petro Mcleod

Spiritual Advisor

AMEN, GOD IS WITH US THROUGH ALL THINGS. Please you my COOL friend Petro for sharing with us.



Gavin Bruce Ferrier

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