1 Corinthians 15: 54 “…Death has been swallowed up in victory…”


Dear reader, with His resurrection, Jesus Christ proved that He was the ultimate Champion and the only One powerful enough to defeat mankind’s worst enemy – death. Those who believe in Him will not perish, but will have eternal life. (John 3: 16) Raising Himself up from the grave was the final proof of His Deity and His Sovereignty as Lord and Savior of the world!!

The most amazing truth regarding Christ’s resurrection is that the power of His resurrection resides within those who accept Him as Lord and Savior in their lives. WOW! Listen carefully, dear friends. A lot of humans live with the fear of dying. Although death is inevitable, we have found the solution to death in Christ. The grave and death of the physical body is not the end of life! Your soul will live on and in Christ your soul will be present with God in a state of bliss, peace and joy – a Paradise like you have never experienced before!

Open your eyes to this truth today, dear believer in Christ. Death has no sting anymore! Death is not the end! Christ made death the doorway to a next life, an eternal life in His loving presence!

WHAT a wonderful God we serve! This Easter, remember who you are in Christ. Remember that because of your faith in Him, you also, have inherited the final victory – you will live eternally!

Have a blessed Easter!


“Lord Jesus Christ, thank You for what You came to accomplish on our behalf. Thank You for enduring the cross so that we may be able to share in Your resurrection and Your life. Thank You for making a way for us to have eternal life, never to be seperated from You again. We worship You! Amen.”

God bless you

Petro Mcleod
Spiritual Advisor

Blessings my COOL friend Petro, thank you for sharing this message and enjoy your holiday.


Gavin Bruce Ferrier

COOL Ministries International – COOL Cyber Church

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