COOL friends we are blessed to share this message with you titled “THE GREATEST NAME IN ALL THE UNIVERSE” shared with us by Petro Mcloed.

THE WORD – Philippians 2: 9

“…Therefore God exalted Him to the highest place and gave Him the name that is above every other name…”


Dear reader, every day we read the names of famous people all around the world. These include: politicians, actors, singers, comedians, artists, entrepeneurs, famous sportsmen, spiritual leaders/ministers, etc. These men and women became popular for exhibiting a certain skill or due to their standing in society. Human fame and popularity – no matter how powerful and mezmerizing – can and never will be able to measure up to the fame of Jesus Christ. Yes, you heard me correctly. God gave Jesus the most famous name in all the universe!

Jesus is Lord 1

The Word of God states that the name of Jesus will be known throughout all the earth and that at His name everything and everyone will bow. Wow!


We are to consider the impact of this statement. Jesus Christ is not famous because He exhibited a specific skill or because He has a certain standing in society or in the community.

No. Jesus Christ is famousbecause He laid down His life for the sake of all of the world – to save mankind from their sins and from eternal death/hell.

There is no other name qualified enough to save – not Buddah, not Mohammed, not Hari Krishna, not a demon, and not an angel! The Word of God specifically states that the highest name in all the universe is Jesus Christ. There is no power or authority greater than that of Jesus Christ. He rules and He reigns. My friend, today if you have never ever bowed the knee to Him, please consider this verse carefully. All counterfeit gods lack in one specific area of need that only Jesus Christ can meet – they did not die for your sins. Jesus Christ loves you. He laid down His perfect and blameless life so that you might be saved! Surely, if you measure this message to that of your god/idol you will come to realize that it is this type of love that you so desperately need and long for!

Take some time to reflect upon this message today. Believers and unbelievers alike – consider the impact of this message. Saved and unsaved – carefully measure your options. It is my prayer that you will choose the path of eternal life found in Christ Jesus. There is no greater love ever displayed than that of a life laid down for the sake of those hopeless in their guilt! The blood of Jesus Christ cries out to us this morning! How will we resond?

Will we reject such a great sacrifice or will we react with a firm and bold: ‘Yes. I need You! I need Your love!’

jesus what a name


“Lord Jesus Christ, we need You. You sacrificed Your life for ours! You saved us from eternal death and damnation. You came to take the punishment for our sins upon Yourself. Oh, we need You to be our Saviour today. Take our hearts and our lives! We surrender all to You today. We realize that all authority and dominion is Yours. Truly, we desire to be connected to You – the Source of eternal life, abundant peace and boundless love. Touch us and cleanse us from our sins. Come and sit on the throne of our hearts today. Amen.”

Friends may the LORD always guide, protect and provide for your needs.



Gavin Bruce Ferrier

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